10 Reasons You Should Do Payroll In-house – Reason #2: Data Control

(second post in a series)

One of the biggest concerns with having a service handle your payroll is that you no longer have control over your payroll data. Sure, your service can provide you with reports (which cost more if you need help writing them), but the actual information is stored on another company’s servers. That can mean delays in getting the answers you need, or limits in how those answers are formatted. It also means that you aren’t the one deciding who has access to that sensitive data. The payroll service manages your information and the security which protects it. It’s entirely out of your hands.

Reports when you need them, how you want them

Payroll reports — whether it’s completing W-2s at tax time, generating quarterly deposit reports, or creating a custom internal tracking form — shouldn’t be complicated, drawn-out things to complete. When there’s a service in the mix, reporting can be a complicated, cumbersome process that can go like this:

1. Attempt to create report in service’s report writer

2. Pay for custom report if that’s not possible

3. Wait for report to be delivered (on paper or maybe as a PDF) by courier

4. Identify problems with report layout

5. Request corrected report

6. Wait for the courier again

. . . and so on.

If you have a custom in-house payroll solution, you can create your own reports. They’re generated in real time and can be updated or corrected as often as necessary. Because the data is stored on your company’s own secure server, there’s no need to put them in a mostly unusable form, such as on paper or stored as a PDF. (Yes, you can read reports in those formats, but what if you want to manipulate your data? Then you have to wait another three days for your service to provide a new report?)

Privacy and Security

Identity theft and privacy issues are much more of a concern than ever before. The only way to be absolutely sure about who has access to your sensitive payroll data is if it’s completely under your control. A custom in-house payroll solution integrates fully with your human resources systems, but in a way that allows you to control access. The only people who are able to view salary and other data are those specific individuals that you’ve designated to do so. In many cases, it’s possible for your HR staffer to process payroll without actually being able to view salary information while doing so!

The truth is, as long as you’re using a service, you don’t actually know who has access to your data. Employees have a lot more confidence when they know exactly who to turn to if there’s a payroll problem, rather than trusting their livelihood to a faceless stranger on the other end of the phone.

Whether you’ve been frustrated by inflexible reports or just plain concerned about allowing someone else to have full control over your sensitive payroll information, Pacific Data Marketing can show you a better way. To learn about the advantages of installing a custom in-house payroll software system, contact us for a consultation today.  Who controls your data?

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