10 Reasons You Should Do Payroll In-house – Reason #4: Flexibility

(4th post in a series)

Working with a payroll service provider means working on their schedule, and by their rules. With countless thousands of payroll checks to cut for all of their clients, your service isn’t in a position to be flexible. It usually takes a couple of days for a service provider to process payroll for all their clients. That’s why they have rigid deadlines that you must comply with — in order to ensure that everyone gets paid on time.

That’s why, if you run into any kind of wrinkle, it may mean a delay for the employee affected. The business case is clear: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. If you have a change which occurs past that deadline, it’s not going to take effect until the next pay period. Period.

Their deadline, their rules.

Not every pay decision easily fits into those unyielding little boxes, does it? Sometimes those deadlines don’t work for all situations. Maybe you:

•    just hired someone who can’t afford to wait another two weeks to get paid, or
•    need to adjust withholding last minute to keep an employee’s tax planning on track, or
•    want to announce a surprise promotion but want it reflected in this week’s pay.

Service provider deadlines can seriously cramp your style as a business owner.

Your payroll means your rules

The alternative is your own in-house payroll software suite. Now, you’re taking control of your businesses back and putting it exactly where it belongs, in your hands. Adding data or changing withholding doesn’t mean losing a pay period, or even a day. Instead, it means simply pushing back the check printing by a minute or two while the new information is included.
With an in-house payroll system, data can be added right up to the minute when you run payroll. The payday deadline can easily be met without throwing one or two staffers to the wolves because their changes weren’t submitted two days ahead of time. Raises, promotions, new hires and new job classifications can be added as you go, and the payroll will be more up-to-the-minute than it ever was when you used a service.

Suddenly, you can start treating your employees like people again, instead of the numbers that they’ve become. Special circumstances, pay advances and deductions, all can be considered, decided upon, and acted upon without any of your staff seeing a delay in their pay cycle.

Start being flexible

If payroll flexibility is a priority for your organization, Pacific Data Marketing can help. Contact us today for an assessment of your payroll needs.

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