10 Reasons You Should Do Payroll In-house – Reason #7: Usability

(seventh post in a series)

Once you’ve made the decision to go with an in-house payroll system, it’s important to know that your system and staff are going to have the necessary support. But sometimes, outside support isn’t what you need — sometimes you just need to be able to make that system do what you want it to, right now. If you need to modify a key report on-the-fly, nothing beats a user-friendly system for getting the job done fast.

Now means now!

In business, we all know that now means now, because time equals money. If you need to create a custom payroll report, “now” often means “when our payroll service gets around to creating it.” Your ability to customize is limited to the features of the report writer you’re required to use. If your needs exceed those limits, then you’re entirely dependent on your service’s process (and pricing) for creating a custom report.

Hitting the limits of a report writer doesn’t take much. If you need a custom screen to capture data in a new way, you probably need your service to do it for you. Their systems are not designed for customization; they’re designed for uniformity. That makes it much easier for a large service to process payroll for many different companies. It also makes it a slow and expensive process to make changes that benefit your company’s needs.

The Entrepreneurial Solution: DIY

No payroll service will ever understand the unique needs and challenges of your company the way your own staff does. Choosing a payroll service mean choosing to be locked out of the decision-making process for how payroll data is used and processed. It means choosing not to integrate those data into your other systems, or to spend tedious hours on duplicate data entry. A service is not the entrepreneurial solution to the problem; doing it yourself is.

Intimidated by the prospect? Don’t be. An in-house payroll system installed by Pacific Data Marketing is not rolled out in a vacuum. The system starts out customized to your company’s unique situation, and your key personnel will be fully trained on how to make further changes. You’ll finally be able to apply your own insight and creativity to the payroll process, rather than depending upon a third party which has other priorities competing for attention.

Better Support Than a Service

In fact, the level of support for an in-house system far exceeds anything a payroll service is able to provide. Your existing service is only available during business hours, and what they’re able to do may be limited by factors which don’t concern you.

Compare that to the control you gain by bringing payroll in house. The first level of support is your own staff, who are trained on how to make modifications. That’s always going to be faster than waiting for your service to respond. If they can’t find the solution in the manual for themselves, the developer is just a phone call away. Our team and yours build a partnership, and you’ll have access to your system’s developer when you need it.

You’ll be able to resolve most issues without help, because your staff is empowered to do so instead of being forced to call for help. For those times when the solution is more complex, you’ll have access to your development team when you need it.

Make the Change

Do you believe that your company will benefit if you can apply entrepreneurial creativity to payroll? Are you ready to see what it will look like to have that additional level of flexibility and control? Have you recognized that your payroll service may be holding you back, instead of helping you grow faster?

Then contact PACIFIC DATA Marketing to learn how different your company can be with a custom in-house payroll system.

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