Our Team

Kim DietzKim Dietz,  President

Kim grew up in Southern California in the L.A. area. After High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and spent four years in Hawaii as an automated Lighthouse Keeper. It was “Fascinating” and “Fun,” not sure it qualified as work. After leaving the Coast Guard, he stayed on the island of Oahu and went to Windward Community College for a year and a half. Then he moved to Boulder, Colorado and finished a Financial Bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado.

Kim started his own business in 1993 as President of PACIFIC DATA Marketing – Sales and Consulting of Business Software. He has always worked with Human Resources professionals helping them to become more proficient in tracking their employee’s. Over the past 18 years, however, the industry has changed dramatically. In the early 90’s, the software applications affordable to small businesses were the black screens with green text (DOS), which was loaded on a local desktop. Now businesses have locations all over the world using the Internet to remotely manage thousands of employees.

Prior to starting his own business, Kim was a Business Analyst interviewing company owners for financial information and reviewing credit status. Adding to his credentials, he worked for Cooper Heat, a pre & post heat metallurgical company in Golden, CO as a Sales Representative. He had a ten state territory and was responsible for selling welling metallurgical services to coal & nuclear power plants, coal mines, gas refinery and pipeline companies. Additionally, he worked for Auburn Plastic – a plastic distribution company in Chicago, IL as Vice President, mainly responsible for overall operations in accounting, purchasing and personnel.

Maintaining relationships with vendors and keeping current with the best software programs for clients is extremely important to Kim. Keeping his consultants certified for all software and making sure upgrades are done in timely fashion is also important for his human resources and payroll clients. Understanding business processes from recruiting to onboarding candidates through an organization and getting them inducted into the corporate system is what he does best. Having the knowledge to analyze a firm’s HRMS system gives him the advantage when presenting a solution that will streamline a company’s daily routines and processes.

Knowing who the competition is and what they have to offer when it comes to providing a comparative analysis and giving advice to clients looking for a HRMS system is very important. Understanding the difference in the functionality of the software compared to other vendors gives Kim an advantage of recommending the right solutions. Kim’s passion is helping clients develop their system requirements that are in line with their budgets. By taking the time to review with a client what their short and long term goals are, Kim can  provide a business plan that will work best.  If the software Kim is representing does not meet the client’s requirements he does the right thing and makes sure to point them in the right direction so they may continue to focus on the right solution.

For example, PDM was asked to analyze an organization’s processes that had owned Abra Payroll software for three years. They felt they needed to switch to a different system because there were too many steps for processing their payroll for 700 employees. This company had skilled workers that made parts (dentures) and were paid by the piece. Their pay frequency was weekly, and each week, the payroll department would begin gathering time data from the prior week on Monday. It took them until Thursday afternoon to print paychecks for distribution on Friday. After reviewing how they captured data and noting how their systems were not integrated, the recommendations made by Kim and his team reduced processing time from four days to one.

The biggest thrill Kim gets is taking other people’s jobs and making them easier by using simple technology such as a software application. Being a consultant and seeing hundreds of different positions, he’s learned no two companies work the same but the processes are similar. By introducing software that gives the end-users better tools to complete their tasks and be more efficient is like handing a carpenter a power saw when he was using a hand saw before. It’s frustrating when the end-user sees how the software can help them but the company doesn’t want to invest time and money and therefore nothing is done and the person continues to do inefficient and manual processes.

When Kim is not leading his business and working with clients, he enjoys boating as much as possible. Being on the water is the most relaxing past time for Kim. He plays tennis twice a week which gets his competitive spirit going. Golf is more of a social activity that he enjoys with clients and others who don’t take it seriously.

Kim and his wife, Laurie have been married thirty-three years and have three daughters all of whom graduated from his Alma mater, the University of Colorado. Even though his children are grown and out of the house, Kim is still supportive of local high school sports by advertising in their programs. He doesn’t use it as a venue to try to sell software, but considers it rewarding paying back to the community.  The “Blue Sky” has become a hit for clients, family, and friends for 3-hour tours in San Diego Bay. Especially donating the boat as a “Silent Auction” for various fundraising groups. Kim and Laurie also routinely give to AmVet and Goodwill.

If Kim had endless time and money, he would travel the world learning more about the cultures of other people. He has done some extensive travel before marriage to other countries; third world and developed and always found people to be so fascinating.

jennifer hennessy headshotJennifer Hennessy, HR & HRMS Consultant

Jennifer received a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University as a Scholar All-American Athlete and a MBA with an emphasis in Human Resource Management from National University.

Jennifer has over fifteen years experience working for PACIFIC DATA Marketing as a HRMS Application Software Consultant representing Sage Abra Suite® HR/Payroll, Recruiting, Training, Performance Management, Self Service, Time and Attendance and interfaces with third party software vendors; and over twenty years of experience as a user, project manager, and implementer of Human Resource Software applications for various companies and industries, dating back to 1990.

Jennifer’s former experience includes over twenty-two years of human resources and training experience and fifteen years payroll experience, including overseeing Human Resource and Payroll functions as a Director of Human Resources for an Insurance Company, Manager of Human Resources for General Electric (GE) completing the requirements for Six Sigma Green Belt certification, Director of Human Resources and Payroll for an Interactive Multimedia Software Company, Manager of Human Resources for a Fortune 100 telemarketing service bureau company, Manager of Human Resources for a direct marketing fitness catalog company, Compensation and Performance Consultant for a DOD contractor specializing in technical and engineering staff, Training Coordinator in operations/policies/procedures for seven branches of a financial institution, Sales Trainer for a financial services company.

Jennifer is a native of San Diego, CA and has three sons, two of which also followed in their mother’s footsteps and received their bachelor’s degree while on an athletic scholarships and continued on to compete professionally in Soccer. The youngest son is in high school and also a scholar athlete and has hopes of following his older brother’s path and competing at college and professional levels, however in Lacrosse instead of Soccer. In Jennifer’s free time, she enjoys spending it with her sons, extended family and best friend/cousin, Sue Hama. She also volunteers for school and non-profit organizations and donates to various organizations that support children and women’s health, education and welfare.

steve tompkins headshotSteve Tompkins, HRMS Consultant

Steve joined PDM in 2001 as a HRMS Consultant and has been a Sage Abra User since 1999, when he worked for the Del Mar Fairgrounds. He worked in the accounting and HR department taking control of employee related issues and hiring. Steve wrote Access programs that would facilitate mass temporary hires for the three weeks the San Diego County Fair was held at the Fairgrounds. For example, over 1,000 applicants would fill out paperwork and the HR department would enter this paperwork into Steve’s Access program. This data was then fed into Sage’s HRMS/Payroll System saving data entry procedures by 45%.

As a HRMS Consultant for PDM, Steve works with client’s in all areas of HR and Payroll solutions. He has extensive knowledge of data format and work flow procedures of Sage HRMS systems. Steve provides needs analysis to determine the best solutions to help streamline your HR and Payroll systems. This will include working with your accounting, Time Management (Time Clock’s), benefit scheduling and your own custom software systems to interface with Sage’s HRMS software. Steve will be with you to insure correct implementation, installation and provide training for all Sage’s HRMS systems.

Nick Marcum

Nick Marcum, Business Development Consultant

Nick initially joined the company in 2008 then rejoined in 2011. He participates in sales, working closely with Kim creating sales strategies.  He develops our marketing methods, designs our website and crafts numerous marketing email campaigns. He also provides HRMS consulting and general support for our clients.

Nick has held numerous positions in sales, marketing and service at Road Runner Sports, Schultz Brands Worldwide and at Tchotchke’s where he was the Sports Team Sales Coordinator. He earned his B.S. in Economics and Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College of California and participated in the M.S. program at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Nick’s love is soccer! He’s played his entire life, earning a scholarship to Saint Mary’s College of California and a professional contract for two years in the Netherlands, while he was continuing his studying for a Master’s abroad. You can still watch him play in the San Diego County Soccer Premier League on Sundays and Thursdays with his wife, Jayme, at the Y. When he’s not playing soccer or training, he enjoys surfing and hiking/camping.