What Customers Say

Any software company can claim that it will help improve the level of service your HR department provides to the rest of the organization, but it’s best to confirm the truth of such claims from the experience of real customers who have used the product day in and day out. Learn more about Sage HRMS and other products & services PDM provides for their friends…client’s.

Client Testimonials

“You and your team are awesome…I will be going in there now to review and audit…..I really appreciate you doing this for us….Your work ethic is amazing…I am glad to have you on our team!”

Linda Peterson , Benefits Administrator, Community Research Foundation – San Diego, CA

This next quote is in response to a Total Paid Hours report by Department that Steve and Jennifer created and made an Alert to distribute the report to the Supervisors/Managers on the first of each month.

“Let me just say I LOVE this report.  It makes my life so much easier!!”

Johnna Jonasson, Executive Vice President, Operations, March Vision Care, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

“It is a very intense training (meant to be?).  We have learned a lot.  It is time to put the new knowledge into practice.  I am certainly excited for the potential Abra can do.”

Daina Taylor, HR Director, Southeast New Mexico Community Action Corp. – Carlsbad, NM