Cyber Recruiter

Cyber Recruiter powered by Visibility Software is applicant tracking and recruiting software that helps hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants communicate more effectively during the recruiting process. This highly configurable, web-based and paperless tool will help your organization find the best candidates and fill open positions faster.

Cyber Recruiter automates and streamlines your recruiting and hiring cycle from start to finish. The process begins when your hiring manager or recruiter creates a position within Cyber Recruiter. The new position is automatically routed for approval through email. As soon as it’s approved, you can easily post the job on your company website and online job boards.

Employees can use Cyber Recruiter to update their resume information so you won’t miss the chance to promote a highly qualified internal candidate. Employees can also enter referrals to suggest external candidates for open positions.

Candidates apply for jobs and submit their resumes online. Quickly search and filter resumes to find candidates with the right skill set. Cyber Recruiter automatically screens applicants based on weighted requisition-specific questions that you develop. Then it routes qualified applicants to hiring managers for consideration and helps recruiters easily schedule interviews.

When you’ve found the right person for the job, Cyber Recruiter can create an offer letter or email to send to the candidate. Onboarding is a breeze—because Cyber Recruiter integrates with Sage HRMS, applicant information can be transferred to create your new employee’s HRMS record.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time finding fantastic applicants to add value to your organization. With Cyber Recruiter, it’s easier than ever to create the best workforce to meet business objectives.

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