Time & Attendance

PACIFIC DATA Marketing understands that every company has different time and attendance needs. Our goal is to provide solutions to reduce administrative costs, simplify data tracking and approval process all while minimizing compliance risk and overpayments.

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Sage Time is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS solution and is integrated with Sage HR and payroll solutions. Sage Time offers a wide selection of registration devices such as various badge terminals which avoid “buddy punching” through the use of advanced biometric devices. Sage Time mobile can capture data such as GPS, geofencing, picture, group punch, employee messaging, and facial recognition. Modern reporting is simple. You can set up virtually unlimited customizable report views and export in a variety of formats to produce custom reports and analytics.

Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity is an On-Premise electronic time collection and approval module for Sage HRMS that simplifies and automates time entry into Sage HRMS Payroll. You can eliminate time-consuming, administrative tasks associated with collecting employee timesheets and save countless hours in re-entering data into Sage HRMS Payroll.

LightWork Time is a great fit for companies with remote users and multiple locations who require a simple timesheet entry program. Both managers and employees alike can input employee time on a daily or weekly basis. Time can be entered in lump sums or in ranges of specific hours worked. Earning type for these hours can be assigned such as regular, paid time off, or sick time. Rules to identify and calculate overtime are built into the system to eliminate overtime coding errors. Deployment can either be Cloud/Web-based or On-Premise.

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