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LightWork Time is a great fit for companies with remote users and multiple locations who require a simple timesheet entry program. Both managers and employees alike can input employee time on a daily or weekly basis. Time can be entered in lump sums or in ranges of specific hours worked. Earning type for these hours can be assigned such as regular, paid time off, or sick time. Rules to identify and calculate overtime are built into the system to eliminate overtime coding errors.

Once all time from a location has been entered, the site manager can save and approve all time entered as complete. If an employee works in multiple locations, multiple site managers can input and approve time for the same employee. At any time during this process, the site manager can view a report on their site’s employees for hours worked, payroll cost, and benefits cost for a particular pay period.

HR can then see which locations have approved time for that pay period and which locations are still awaiting approval. Once all locations have approved their time (or before if necessary), HR creates an export file from LightWork Time and imports it directly into Sage HRMS payroll.

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