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Feature – rich time management software for complex business needs

Our time and labor management solution addresses all time and attendance requirements – from timecard management and labor cost tracking to employee scheduling and absence management. Automatically capture labor information from a wide variety of data collection sources and simplify tasks such as approving timesheets, responding to time-off requests, and managing schedules. Real-time visibility makes it easy to manage exceptions, enforce work and pay rules, and update schedules for ongoing compliance and cost control.

Real-time Visibility and Data Access

Real Time Visibility and Data Access
Information-rich dashboards, reports, and decision support tools provide organization-wide visibility and insights. Intuitive navigation features, including application tabs, quick links, and drill-down, let you find critical information quickly and easily. Instant access to timesheets, schedules, and other data empowers you to take immediate action and drive results.

Instant Access to Information

Instant Access to Information

Our mobile application provides managers and employees with immediate, instant avenues to their workforce management solution, wherever they may be. With the mobile application — available in the Apple, Android, and Windows application markets – – employees can check schedules, place time off requests, and more. The mobile application provides known location geofencing, which enables an organization to restrict an employee from clocking in just anywhere. If configured, an administrator can restrict employees from clocking in outside the radius of a defined location, down to a tenth of a mile.

Manage Exceptions in Real Time to Avoid Payroll Errors

Manage Exceptions in Real Time to Avoid Payroll ErrorsExceptions such as missed punches, early/late arrivals, and extended or skipped breaks can result in payroll errors and increased compliance risk. Our time and labor management solution automatically flags exceptions that violate your organization’s policies and alerts managers so they can take action. Complete automation eliminates timekeeping errors, while real-time calculations help maintain compliance and payroll accuracy.

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