GenTS is designed to generate Sage HRMS Payroll time sheets from the output of your time collection system. In addition, the Single Entry format accepts amounts for Other Earnings. Written in Visual FoxPro, GenTS follows the Sage HRMS guidelines for generating the posting records. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of the data. Employer, Employee and payroll code and other field validations are made against the tables maintained in Sage. Time Sheet entries are generated using the Sage HRMS Software guidelines and rules. These entries are made directly to the PRPOST.DBF table. The ABRAWIN.INI file is checked for override of standard placement of live and sample data files.

Benefits of using GenTS include:

  •   Generate Sage HRMS Payroll Time Sheet data from information gathered by another time keeping system.
  •   Map existing time clock codes to Sage Earnings Codes.
  •   Map multiple time clock codes to the same Sage Earnings Code, or override default shift differential assignments.
  •   Run a time clock entry edit to produce an error report before the actual posting process.
  •   Run an audit report to show hours and Other Earnings input and posted.

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